We are sharing the apps that help us function, sleep, maintain relationships, and edit photos. We also chat with Ryan Walton, blogger at DaringtoDad.com, about being an enneagram type 7.
On this episode we mentioned the following apps that can be found in the iphone app store:
  • We both credit Voxer for keeping many of our friendships alive, and count it as the app we use the most on any given day.
  • Sarah is a fan for Group Me to stay in touch with special-interest kid’s activities like sports teams or dance groups.
  • Kristen loves Google Keep as a way to keep her to-do list and notes updated between her phoner and computer, and uses it as the page her web browser opens to.
  • Sarah loves VSCO for editing photos, and the Amazon Alexa App for keeping her shopping lists up-to-date.
  • We love the Podcast App! Find us on there and subscribe!
  • We both love Spotify for all things music, and have our kids on a Spotify family account.
  • Sarah uses Think Dirty to determine the toxicity of beauty products she’s looking at.
  • We both use apps for white noise at night. Sarah is a fan of Sleepy Fan while Kristen uses RelaxMelodies.
  • Kristen uses Flo to keep track of her periods and TripIt to keep track of travel reservations.
We are loving The Road Back to You by Ian Cron to learn more about our enneagram types.
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