If you are looking for information related to media, editorial content, PR or appearances, please visit this page for more information. For speaking information, click here.Disclosure:  I love hearing from readers. I read every correspondence I receive. I also struggle to respond. This year, I’ve made a commitment to prioritize my family over my inbox. Meaning, there is very rarely extra time to sit down and return emails unless I am cutting into time I should be spending with my husband and kids. So . . . I’m not saying that you shouldn’t send me an email. I will read it, and I will appreciate it (unless you are mean). I’m just saying that you may not hear back from me right away, or at all. I hate that fact, but it’s where I am right now.

I’m not great at keeping up with my inbox so I would encourage you to read through the FAQ’s first to see if your question is answered there! You can reach me by email at rageagainsttheminivan (@)


Will you review my new book on your blog?
Unfortunately, I don’t do book reviews on my site. I am in a book club and struggle to meet my goal of reading that one book each month. I am so flattered by the volume of book review requests I receive, but I just don’t have time to read and post reviews on a regular basis. I’ve tried mightily, but the result is that I’ve accumulated quite a pile of neglected books on my nightstand, along with quite a few broken promises to authors looking for exposure. Also, if I’m honest . . . while I love to read, I really don’t enjoy writing book reviews.

That being said, you are welcome to send a book and I will consider it for one of my occasional “What I’m Reading” posts, where I link to the books currently on my reading list.

Due to the volume of books I receive and the limited time I have for reading in my schedule, I cannot guarantee inclusion.

Can you come speak at my event?
Maybe! I love speaking and can speak on a number of issues, from parenting to relationships to adoption to social media/writing.  Have a look at my speaking information sheet to see if I might be a good fit for your event.

Will you give me some advice on my adoption process?
I am really not the best resource for current adoption advice. We adopted without an agency in Haiti and things have changed dramatically. Your best resource for up-to-date adoption feedback is to talk to parents currently in the process.  My advice: do your research and adopt a waiting child.

Can I send you a product to try in exchange for editorial coverage? Will you tell your readers about my new product?
I don’t do product review posts. I try to stick to content that is flowing from what I am experiencing, thinking, or doing in my everyday life. You are welcome to send items to me and if I like it and it fits within a post I’m writing, I’m happy to give it a shout-out.

Can you please share about my amazing cause/adoption fundraiser?
I am inundated with requests to share about amazing causes, from adoption fundraisers to charitable organizations. I truly wish I could write about them all, but I’ve had to pare down to focusing on a couple key causes and organizations that I promote. Those include Heartline Haiti, Food for the Hungry, Help One Now, World Vision, Real Hope for Haiti, Solidarity, Compassion International, Krochet Kids, and 31 Bits. Thank you for understanding!