Can you be addicted to habits or behaviors? We discuss process addictions, and how we can become hooked to certain experiences, from the internet to shopping to flirting. We talk about how to know when a process addiction has gone too far, and what to do about it.
Some great books on process addictions:
We also talk about pets as self-care and chat about our own personal experiences and ambivalent around our furry friends. Looking for a new pet? We recommend pet adoption. Check out this site to find adoptable pets in your area.
In this episode we also talk about our experience with HelloFresh, a meal subscription services that delivers recipes along with all the ingredients you need in pre-measured, labeled meal kits. They’ve got gourmet meals but also many one-pot recipes for seriously speedy cooking and minimal cleanup. For $30 off your first HelloFresh order use the promo code SELFIE30.

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