new episode of right mom/left mom: women’s issues in the 2012 election

Our family is currently cruising around the Caribbean.  We had a great day in Haiti on Tuesday, but the hurricane in Jamaica means that we’ve been re-routed to float around at sea for a few days. The kids don’t mind. I’ve got lots of stories to share of our trip, but in the meantime I wanted to link to our latest episode of Right Mom/Left Mom.  In this webcast, Elizabeth and I discuss the supposed “War on Women” that has been leveraged at both parties. We also talk about reproductive rights, the debate over abortion, and whether or not Catholic hospitals have the right to deny supplying birth control.  We would love you to watch and weigh in! right mom left mom thumbnail Watch Right Mom/Left Mom over at Babble.

Right Mom/Left Mom Episode 8: who won the last debate?

Elizabeth and I recorded a new episode of Right Mom/Left Mom last night, and this has to be my favorite yet, because we finally hit on our basic ideological differences when it comes to government.  It was funny as each of us recounted the highlights from the debate and we found that the very statements we liked best were the ones that the other side found most bothersome. We also address that pesky little Libya issue, and try to determine a victor in the debate. I hope you will click over and watch this one, and then weigh in on your take on the 2nd debate. The latest episode (now hosted at Babble) is right here. right mom left mom thumbnail

left mom, moderate mom, right dad, and a canadian . . .

Elizabeth and I have another episode of Right Mom/Left Mom coming up (this time, we are tackling the relationship between the evangelical church and the Republican party).  I still need to upload that one, but in the meantime I thought I would share a chat I did last night for Yahoo! and  They invited several of us from varying political perspectives to share our reactions live during the DNC.  As you can see, we ended up having a lively discussion that sort of took precedence over watching the convention, but I think the results were interesting.  As always, I enjoy a political dialogue where different people from different political leanings can share ideas respectivefully.  Richard Hailey is a conservative who really knows his stuff, and it was great to banter with him a bit. Diana Stone is a miltary wife and a moderate, and I appreciated her pragmatic approach to politics. (Incidentally, Diana does a fantastic column on adoption over at Babble).  I also loved hearing Catherine Connors perspective as a Canadian – I think it’s always fascinating to look at our political system from an outside lens. I’d love to hear your perspective on some of the topics we cover!