I’m giddy excited to introduce a new web series that I’m doing with my friend Elizabeth Esther.  It’s called Right Mom/Left Mom, and Elizabeth and I will be doing weekly segments in which we talk about politics and current events in a way that hopefully models empathy and civility . . . even though the two of us are coming from very different places.  Elizabeth and I have been friends for a while, and we have some differences (she’s a Catholic with conservative political views, I’m a liberal-leaning post-evangelical).  At the same time, we are both really passionate about improving the current discourse surrounding partisan politics in the U.S.  We got the idea for a webcast after being pitted against one another on an episode of Fox and Friends.  Both of us have done enough tv spots to know that the 24 hour news cycle is all about highlighting extremes and creating debate.  We want to create a space where we can talk without the pressure of needing to notch up the drama for ratings . . . where we can be thoughtful and honest about politics, and find the places where we agree as much as we disagree.  And thus, Right Mom/Left Mom was born.  We hope it can be interesting to our readers in the lead-up to the election this November.  Here is our inaugural webcast, in which we introduce ourselves, our motivations for doing this show, and our frustrations with the current political climate.  I hope you enjoy it!  And stay tuned, next episode we’ll be sharing our opinions of the Republican vice-presidential pick.  If you’ve got topics you’d like us to cover in a future episode, leave a suggestion in the comments.