I am writing this from the grave as yesterday I died of embarrassment. I was sitting at church before the service started going over the worship set with one of the pastors. Meanwhile, Karis is sitting nearby, and she has brought a really old purse of mine that I gave her. And suddenly she pulls this condom out of an interior pocket of my purse and hands it to me and says “what is this?” Right there in the front row of church as I’m planning the set list of hymns with a guy I don’t know that well but who must think I’m quite the liberated lady. You guys, I have no idea how this thing got in my purse as I have never been in the habit of carrying condoms. My best guess, given the fact that it has planned parenthood info printed on the back, is that it was handed to me at some pride parade or similar event, and I mindlessly shoved it in that pocket, where it’s been for many years. But of course I didn’t have time to explain it. And India is sitting there, too, dying because she knew exactly what it was. I lied and told Karis it was candy and shoved it in my own purse. Which is exactly how this whole thing started. 😳

India brought some spiritual reading material to church this morning. 😂

We’re sharing mortifying stories of embarrassing ourselves at doctor visits, involving a mistaken hug, a conversation leading to a bladder sling, and other traumatic tales. Also, Kristen tries Livia for her cramps and is here to report on it. Spoiler alert: it works!
I think everyone has that thing or two that pushes the mental/emotional reset button. For me it’s the beach. And sunsets. When I’m traveling I try to make it a point to watch them, as if it’s a scheduled activity. But I don’t do this at home. There is something about a sunset that puts everything in perspective. It reminds me that my life, and my problems, are small in the scheme of things. It reminds me that the world is still turning, and there is still beauty at the end of each day. Today I wondered what would happen if I devoted myself to watching them every day, and how that practice could change my mood and daily outlook.
How many of us avoid conversations around race, politics and theology because we fear they could compromise relationship? I’m joining @theglobalimmersionproject, a peacekeeping initiative, on a webinar to help give the tools to engage in hard conversations. It’s free! I will be hosting along with @jonhuckins@aaronieq and @pastahj
Wednesday, April 25th @ 10am PST/ 1pm EST *Even if you can’t attend the live webinar, still register and they will send you a recording of the conversation and follow-up resources.

I’ve got the week to myself so I’ve retreated to San Diego to rest and write. Things I brought: caftans, two face masks per day, wine, all of the teas. Things I didn’t bring: my flatiron, mascara, pants. This has been a year of crisis management and stress and I’m excited to decompress and introvert and get some clarity on what comes next.