Can you believe it’s August? It feels like this summer has flown by. This is the time of year I always start having a little mom-guilt for not having spent more time at the beach with the kids instead of working while I shoo them outside. But alas, that is the life of a working mom in summer months.

This summer has been occupied with another new venture, too . . . my newest “baby.” I’ve been a part of the Beer and Hymns movement for the past 3 years, starting a chapter here in Orange County and then helping others start other chapters nationwide. It’s been an absolutely incredible experience, seeing people connect with hymns in a new way. For some, they are learning songs that are new to them. For others, they are reconnecting with songs they grew up with after distance from the church. But the result is an experience that is both rowdy and reverent, both spiritual and fun. There is really no way to explain it unless you’ve been, but I’ve wanted to share the experience with those who can’t

In that spirit, we decided to record a live album of hymns, in the hopes that it could inspire other people to connect with these sacred songs and to bring a new audience to these songs we’ve grown to love. We are doing some old favorites like It Is Well and Blessed Assurance, and some gospel and folk tunes as well. Here’s a video of our live album event that really captures the vibe:

We are doing a crowd-funding campaign to try to finish the album but at this point we are woefully underfunded, to the point of not being able to finish the album. I would love for you to consider backing us by pre-ordering the album.

If you’d like to support us and order the album, you can do that here. I think it will be an album you will really enjoy. We would also love you to share the video on facebook. You can share the video by clicking here and hitting “share.”

Thanks for your support!