If you care about me and my family, I hope you will read this. 

As many of you know, this year my family was targeted and harassed by a white-supremacy group known as the “alt-right” for having adopted black children. Their attack was brutal and relentless. They inundated all of my social media sites with racist memes, posting altered racist photos of my young children and suggesting violence towards me and sexual behavior in regards to my kids. The harassment moved to 4Chan where my address was published along with a photo of the outside of my house. It was so bad that it was covered on several news outlets. It was one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever been through.

If you aren’t familiar with the “alt-right”, this is basically what they do. They claim to not be racist, but do not be fooled. It’s rhetoric. They believe that the races should not mix, and that America is an inherently white nation, and their goal is to assure that is true. They are nasty people with little to no empathy for others. They use abuse tactics and harass people every day. And they LOVE Donald Trump and truly believe that he has their interests in mind. I can see why they believe that.

I’ve had many, many people react negatively to me suggesting that Trump ran on a racist platform. But I need you to open your eyes to something. Donald Trump is currently considering Stephen Bannon for his chief of staff. This is fact. Stephen Bannon is one of the leaders of the alt-right movement. This is fact. DONALD TRUMP IS CONSIDERING THE LEADER OF THE RACIST MOVEMENT THAT HARASSED MY FAMILY TO BE CHIEF OF STAFF OF THIS COUNTRY.

This should terrify you. Even if you voted for Donald, this should terrify you. And you need to say something. We ALL need to say something, but those of you who supported Trump need to be the most vocal. You need to check your party. You need to check your candidate. It’s not time to be sheepish or embarrassed. You don’t want people thinking you knowingly voted for a racist? Then you need to make sure he doesn’t appoint racists to his staff.

Speak up. Everyone. Speak up.

I’m not in the practice of asking people to share my posts, but I hope you will share this one. I’m scared. We should all be scared.

This is our country and we all need to protect it right now.