Last month at the annual Wild Goose Festival for spirituality and justice, I took part in a live recording of the Homebrewed Christianity podcast. If you’ve never listened before, it’s an entertaining and brainy conversation about everything from theology to pop culture, fueled by craft beer. They answer life’s big questions, like how much structure could a post-structuralist muster, if a post-structuralist could muster structure? homebrewed christianity at wild goose The live show I was a part of was a two-hour event hosted by Tripp Fuller. I come on at about 43 minutes in, and it ends with my friend Micky ScottBey Jones and I throwing down in an epic and completely irreverent theological parenting battle.  Here’s the closing toast from the podcast, which will foreshadow some of the topics, and which may be the best toast I’ve ever heard. (It was made by Josh Linton from Phillips Theological Seminary.) homebrewed christianity at wild goose3

WE TOAST . . . To Crocs wedges
to lactation
to vibrators
to uncircumcised children who will get to feel all the sexual pleasure God intended them to feel
to the extinction of 8th grade graduations And on a more serious note . . . to all people struggling with mental illness whose voices are silenced
to black bodies who have to live in a world were white bodies get to say what is normal but that’s not the truth
black bodies, black lives matter
to Alton Sterling
to Philandro Castille
to Dallas
to all people that suffer at the injustices of systemic racism
and those things that continue to foreclose on people who look different and act different from the norm
Because that’s not what Jesus would do
Jesus would open those spaces
And so to that, we say, CHEERS.

If that doesn’t wet your appetite to hear the whole thing, I don’t know what will. You can listen here.
adult vbs podcast If you enjoy this kind of spiritual banter and you are in the LA area, I will be a guest on this very same podcast AGAIN, this Thursday night, along with some people who are a lot smarter than me.Come join us! Tickets here. Adult VBS Live Podcast