This past week the girls and I took a couple days to get away to Orlando and visit the Disney parks along with the Social Media Moms celebration. It’s a great conference that involves bloggers and their families having fun at all of the Disney properties. 

I’ve been to this event with my whole family in previous years, but this year I only took the girls along. I get opportunities to do press trips from time to time. Sometimes only one child is invited, and other times I just can’t afford to take the whole brood. So we have a system where we take turns on trips. Kembe took a solo trip with me to Florida last month. Prior to that, I took Jafta to Costa Rica. So for this trip, it was the girls’ turn. Meanwhile, the boys are hiking in Palm Springs with Mark for the weekend.
My own mom, who lives in Orlando, was able to join us as well.
Given that the boys weren’t coming along, I figured this would be a seriously girly trip. I outfitted my daughters in matching Disnet gear for each day, and prepared for a very princess-centric weekend.
BOY WAS I WRONG. It’s funny the difference a year can make. They were indifferent to the princesses. In fact, India was downright not having it. Check out her bershon in this forced photo:
All they wanted to do, all day every day, was ride roller coasters. The faster, the better. At ages 7 and 9, they were totally fearless. 
Let’s look at the difference between myself and my daughter India on a roller coaster. I went on this Everest ride once. Could barely contain myself. Was gripping every available surface and screaming. India went FIVE TIMES. Rode alone. And came up with different poses for each picture because whatevs. She’s not scared.

I was a good sport for most of their shenanigans. But I drew the line at Tower of Terror, which they rode alone several times. One night, however, they wrangled me in. This picture is an accurate portrayal of how the moms felt.

We had a really great trip with lots of bonding moments (and lots of exhausted moments, too. Hell hath no fury like a mom who paid for a kids meal at Disney for a kid who won’t finish said kids meal even though they asked for it.) But I’m so glad we got this special time together.