This past weekend I had a “girls night out” with some friends to see Beyoncé in concert. I have been trying to be better about getting out with friends, and also better about buying concert tickets instead of having FOMO on instagram when others are at a big show. So when the Beyoncé tickets were announced for Los Angeles, I set an alarm in my phone and got online as soon as they went on sale, and bought the max number of tickets allowed (8). I figured I would see if there were a few friends who wanted to buy a ticket and go with me, and I would sell any extras.

I sent a casual email out to several friends, seeing if anyone wanted to come along, and nearly every person said yes. To the point that I had a running waitlist for those eight tickets in case someone dropped out.

The group I assembled was a bit of a random assortment of friends. I had a couple friends from church, a couple other moms from school, and a couple writer friends. So that everyone could get to know each other before the concert, I started a little Facebook group. It lit up immediately. As women are prone to do, we talked about what we are wearing, and the Lemonade release, and what shows we were currently watching, and also about what we were wearing. Many, many gifs were exchanged. It was a fun lead-up to the night.

I decided to have everyone over to pre-game with a little wine and food. I was having an outfit crisis (as one does) and I had lots of food I needed to set out. So I charged India with setting out our food, and this is what she did. I think she’s got a future in party planning . . .

We noshed and did introductions and then we set out in the minivan. 

It was a great show. Exactly the level of production value you would expect from Beyoncé. She. Is. Fierce. Her stamina is incredible. Also, so is her butt. I mean.
The crowd and the energy was insane. We sat and chatted afterwards, letting the rush go before us, and ended up having security tell us it was time to leave. I think it’s a good sign you picked the right group when the conversation is so good that you have to be escorted out of an empty stadium.

It was a great show and a fun night.