I have talked quite a bit about Stitchfix and how it has been a great option for me. I don’t enjoy shopping, and really don’t have the time to do so, but I want to dress well. I love having a stylist choose things for me based on my size and style, and I really love the convenience of having it mailed to me, and then mailing back anything I don’t keep. So when I heard that Trunk Club just started a similar service for women, I was anxious to try it. So far, I’m pretty smitten. I already know I like the concept of shopping this way, but there are some unique aspects of Trunk Club that I love. They send fiften items at a time. I like getting to see more items. It feels more like I’m shopping from home, and there feels like a greater chance that there will be something in there that I like. Photo Feb 12, 3 35 43 PM You can preview the trunk before it sends. There is a lot of communication beforehand. In fact, there is an app and you can message with your stylisy whenever you want. If there is something in your trunk that you don’t like or alreay own, you can let them know and have it swapped for something else. Photo Feb 23, 8 08 39 AM Trunk Club sends the actual brands you like, not just brands that are similar. In my profile I mentioned that I like Vince, Free People, and Rag and Bone. Those are the brands of clothing I was sent. I was really impressed that they carried the specific brands I wanted. The stylists are amazing. I can’t say enough about how much I loved my first box. Every single item was something I would have chosen for myself. She totally listened and nailed my style. Here are some of the picks in my first box: Photo Feb 13, 9 49 10 AM They have shoes and handbags. As a person with a healthy affinity for shoes, I really like that they are included in the box. My stylist and I chatted quite a bit about what kind of shoes I like, and I loved the two pairs she sent. Photo Feb 12, 3 34 50 PM It’s easy to return items you don’t like. The box comes with a prepaid return label and even the tape you need to close it up. From the app, you can schedule a UPS pickup and just stick it outside your door. So simple. I know the inevitable question is about pricing, and I will say this: Trunk Club is a bit spendier than other perseonal shopping services I’ve done. But I also feel like the clothing is better quality, and the brands are recognizable so I can see that the prices have not been adjusted up. It’s a good way to add quality pieces to your wardrobe, but for most of us it will be in the splurge category. If you are looking for a more budget option for a personal styling service, Stitchfix is your best bet. But if you want to add a few higher end pieces to your wardrobe, or don’t mind spending a bit more for high quality, name brand pieces, Trunk Club is awesome. I’m already looking forward to my next box. I’ve got a formal event coming up, so my stylist is sending me some dress ideas for that, along with some other items I’ve been needing. I like clothes but I don’t like shopping so this system works really well fo rme. If you want to try Trunk Club, check it out here.