This post is sponsored in partnership with Walgreen’s and Hallmark

I’ve always loved picking out cards for my friends, and I equally love getting cards in the mail. Sure, now we have internet memes and Facebook stickers that we can send to one another, but there is something so special about a card.

Our family has a lot of special occasions coming up that warrant the giving of cards. My dad’s birthday (okay, that already happened but we are late on it), Christmas, Jafta’s birthday and my nephew’s wedding happening in January… I need cards for all of these events.

I am still a big fan of giving physical cards. I think they are meaningful, and a nice memento of an occasion. I still have a box full of all of the cards I got at our wedding. And in this age of text messaging, I want to instill in my kids the value of a handwritten note.

The other day, we took a field trip to our local Walgreens after school and I let the kids pick out some cards. Most Walgreens have a selection of Hallmark cards, so it’s a perfect quick stop for a special occasion. It was a really fun experience. We are finally at the stage where all of the kids can read, which makes many family experiences more pleasurable. They stood there for a long time reading through the cards and laughing and laughing. I practically had to tear them away.

I’ve written about it before, but I am a huge fan of Hallmark’s Shoebox line. It is like the younger, tattooed, sarcastic younger brother of the Hallmark family.

Kembe took at lot of time choosing the right card for Jafta with some kind of sweet sentiment for a brother. It was pretty cute.

 My card-buying squad had a blast, and we’ve got nice cards for all of our upcoming events from a quick trip to Walgreens.

For the cousins in Seattle, the kids picked a Peanuts card.

They picked a really beautiful card for my nephew’s wedding.

And for their cousins in Florida, who are Frozen fans, they got a cute Olaf card.

Each of the kids signed the card and then we sent them off in a package with the Christmas gifts. I love how their personalities shined through in the cards they chose, and it was a great experience in Christmas generosity  and choosing something for someone else.