I grew up with cranberry sauce out of a can. My grandmother, and then later my mother, would empty the gelatinous mold only a plate and then cut it into thick slices. This is all I knew cranberry sauce to be. When I was a young adult, I finally tried homemade cranberry sauce, and a lightbulb went on. Kind of like the lightbulb that went on when I realized that brussel sprouts could be roasted instead of boiled. This thing can be delicious. I thought I hated cranberry sauce, but no. I just hated the canned version. Since then, I’ve experimented with perfecting my own cranberry sauce. I boiled the cranberries and add a little sugar, lemon juice, and orange rind. Last year I added some vodka. SO GOOD. Photo Nov 25, 3 36 08 PM Still, I recognize that for some people, the can holds a nostalgic appeal. I am the only defector in my family of origin. Everyone else loves the canned stuff. How about you? How do you take your cranberry sauce?