I’m trying to get my holiday cards out really early this year. We moved this spring and I haven’t been great about updating our address with family and friends, so I’m hoping that our holiday card can also serve as a “we’ve moved” reminder and give everyone our new address.

I’m going with Minted again for our cards. I’m a big fan of Minted because their cards are sourced from a global community of independent graphic designers. Their cardstock is thick and includes a recycled option, and their designs are fresh and modern. But a huge draw for me is that they will print your recipient’s address on the envelope at no additional charge. You can upload a file with your addresses and they save it to your account so year after year, you no longer have to address your cards by hand. Total game-changer.

Since we are trying to rush the cards this yet, we haven’t yet done our annual family portrait. Instead, I just took the kids down to the Newport bay with my good camera and caught some shots of them myself. Thanks to Children’s Place for the cute threads my kids are wearing . . . I’m loving plaid this year.

Here are a few of my favorite designs:
MINTED card option 4

I love Minted’s gold foil option. It feels festive and fancy. Like glitter without the mess.

MINTED card option 1

I’m also trying to decide if I want to go with the group shot, or four individual photos of the kids.

MINTED card option 2

I also love this design, because it feels very fresh and modern.

MINTED card option 6

And yet . . . the foil. I love the gold foil.

MINTED card option 3

Which one would you go with?

By the way, Minted is having a 20% sale on Christmas cards for Black Friday. Ends tonight at midnight!

minted black friday sale