Last night in the car, the kids informed me that a little boy they know enjoys wearing dresses. They weren’t making fun of him, but they definitely had a baffled tone that I thought warranted a talk about difference and acceptance.

Me; It’s totally fine if a boy wants to wear dresses. It might be a phase or it might be something he wants to do his whole life, and that’s okay. It’s not a big deal. And by the way, both of you boys tried on dresses when you were little.

Kembe: I was confused! I didn’t know it was a dress.

Me: Dude, you wore a Snow White dress every day for a week, and it was cute and not a big deal. Just like it’s not a big deal when India wears a tie. Anyway, I really want you to hear me that it’s not okay to make fun of other kids who do things a little differently. As you get older you may hear people poking fun at others because of things that are different . . . people who are from another country or another race, or who have a disability, or who are gay. I always want you to stick up for others if that happens.

Karis: Yeah, and if you make fun of a boy wearing a dress, you are basically making fun of Jesus. Because he wore dresses.

My work here is done.