Jafta turns 9 today! It’s hard to believe my oldest is nine. Why does that seem so big?

We are currently visiting my family in Florida, so we had a birthday party for him before we left. He has been begging to have a GameTruck party ever since he learned that it was A Thing, and Skylanders offered to host a GameTruck party with their new Swap Force game. He was over the moon about the idea. When we pulled up to our house the day of the party and saw the truck in the driveway, he screamed in glee.


I liked having just the one game in the truck, because I know that Skylanders is age-appropriate and it kept me from worrying about games I hadn’t vetted. I wondered if the boys might get bored but I was so wrong. We had to practically drag them out of the truck by the end of our three hours.


The truck had all of the figures so the kids could play any character they liked.

The kids had a blast and a few of the adults got in on the action, too. The truck allows for 16 people to play at once, so everyone had plenty of game time.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of the destination birthdays – where someone else does all the planning and entertaining and we just show up. This was very similar – except the truck just showed up. It was one of the easiest parties we’ve ever had. All I did was order pizza and buy cupcakes. I had the kids sit in the driveway so I didn’t even have to clean my house.

Like Jafta, I also have a birthday right after Christmas, so I really wanted to give him a party that made him feel special, but also that didn’t add to my list of things to do to prep for the holidays/travel, and this fit the bill perfectly. It was a fun way to celebrate him, and I know he felt honored and had a great time.


And tonight, we’ll go out for sushi and ice cream and celebrate him one more time.