A couple weeks ago I talked with my friend Sarah about my ambivalence in regards to volunteering at my kids’ school during one of our Mama Said episodes. I thought I would share the video here because I really do have some Big Feelings about it. Since filming that episode, I have volunteered a few times.  (I did it out of guilt, not because I feel like the classrooms will fall apart without parental help. We attend a school where parents are very involved.)  Again, I walked away feeling exhausted and drained for the rest of the day, and in one situation had a near-panic-attack that involved a broken glue gun and 25 children waiting on me to apply buttons to their snowman craft and me wishing a transporter machine would appear and whisk me away.  I don’t know what it is with me and large groups of children, but I am NOT A FAN. (And in the video . . . when I mentioned the anxiety and dread I get the night before I volunteer, and needing to take a pill? Yeah. That was not hyperbole.) Anyways. I am curious if anyone else has similar feelings about volunteering at school. I can certainly see the benefits of observing my kids to see how they are doing.  But MAN it’s hard for me to motivate when I’ve got a full workload of my own, a child at home, and kids in 3 different classrooms.  It’s also hard for me not to feel like my guilt over not volunteering is the biggest First World Problem ever, but it’s there. Do you volunteer? Do you enjoy it? And if you don’t, do you feel okay about that decision?