After a long learning curve of scaring off blowing through nannies, our family finally got into a great childcare groove this year.  Jafta is the only of my kids in elementary school so far, but I enrolled the younger kids in a Montessori preschool three days a week, which has given me time to get some work done each week.  It’s been such a great transition for us – I no longer have to find a distraction-free zone to work, I don’t have to live in fear of my nanny deciding to move to Europe or something in a few months, and the kids are in a nurturing and educational environment.  Things have been rolling along quite nicely. Of course, summer is the huge kink in the system for any mother who relies on school as their primary childcare option.  Somehow, this fact completely slipped my mind until last month – probably due to the fact that my own working mom (a teacher) always had summers off.  I don’t have that kind of situation.  In fact, I’m teaching a summer intensive and have quite a few writing projects on my plate, and definitely need those three days a week to get my work done.  As such, I’m scrambling to figure out a solution so that we can keep my work schedule in place. working mom I think this photo by Michelle Kim pretty accurately portrays what it’s like when I try to work when the kids are home. NO THANK YOU. I’m really curious to hear what other working moms do over summer break.  So far, the options I’ve found aren’t so good. I can leave the preschoolers in their school program, which has a summer session, but it doesn’t cover every week. Next year, though, I’ll have to figure out something for all of them.  I’m finding summer programs to be extremely expensive, and I’m intimidated by the idea of trying to piece together weeks of summer camp here and there.  That being said, I know that I don’t want them here at the house. Having a sitter here while I try to work is not a great option, and I think they do better out of the house and in a more structure environment. So, working moms . . . what are you doing for childcare this summer?