My friend Tara has been writing a detailed account of the days following the earthquake.  I’ve been meaning to do this, too, in an attempt to process the whole event.  I actually have little scraps of journal entries in word documents that I never posted because most of the time the internet was down.  There was something therapeutic for me to sit and write things out, though, and I’ve yet to try to piece it together into something coherent enough to post.  I’m not quite ready.  But reading Tara’s accounts brought back so many memories – even things I had kind of shoved aside.  I think she hits the nail on the head when she talks about the “disassociation” we were all feeling in the days after the quake.  She also talked about how sick Karis was – she was throwing up everything she ate during that first 24 hour period.  It was terrifying – and I literally wiped it out of my memory until Tara wrote about it.

Anyways, go and read Tara’s posts.  She writes so well about the experience and really captures what those first few days were like.  Her posts are here and here.

Haiti still needs help.  You should also go and read this, to understand why people are not getting the help that they need.   If you are looking for a place to give and want to make sure your donation gets directly to people in need, I always recommend Heartline Haiti.  They have literally converted the boys’ former home into a field hospital, and also continue to offer women a safe place to deliver babies and receive care and instruction for their newborns.  You can read about the work they are doing at their blog.