Just after Karis was born, my friend Heather sent me a little homemade gift for our family.  I’ve never even met her in person, which made it all the more generous.  Heather is one of my co-writers at Mama Manifesto, and has her own gorgeous and creative blog at Cookie Mondays, Ice Cream Sundays.   She made an adorable set of letter shirts for my kids, and sent it to me over the summer.  When I opened the shirts and saw the fourth shirt, with a K, I cried.  It meant so much to me that she acknowledged that I had four kids, even though one was still living in Haiti. 

Now that I have all four kids together, I love putting them in their matching shirts.  They are all laid out for tomorrow because we have a doctor appointment for all four kids.   That’s right . . . ALL FOUR.   Kembe’s test came back positive for some intestinal parasites, and after finding out we were given strict instructions to make sure he did not take baths with other children since it is contagious.  Um . . . oops.  Too late.  So I will be begging the doctor to treat all four kids without making me collect any more samples.  I just don’t think I can do that for three more kids. 

Here’s hoping that tomorrow I leave that office with four little prescriptions, and not a bag full of tiny collection vials.