See these two? That’s Jafta and Ryder. They have been best friends for five years. They met each other as babies and they love hanging out together. They are the same age, and Ryder lives down the street. All day, every day, Jafta is asking to hang out with Ryder. But . . . they go to different preschools. Jafta goes in the morning. Ryder goes in the afternoon. It’s all very complicated and sad for these two.

Now, see this?

This is what happens when I have a desperately bored 3-year-old who mopes about while his siblings are at preschool all morning. He’s been having clandestine playdates with Ryder, while Jafta is at school. If Jafta ever finds out about this, it would devastate him. Please don’t tell.

It only happened a few times.

It doesn’t mean anything. I promise.