I just saw this special that AlJeezara did on the Ruska Village orphanage in Haiti. It’s definitely worth a watch. I think it is some of the most comprehensive and honest coverage I have seen about life post-earthquake, and about how difficult things are for those who live in Port-au-Prince.

It was surreal to watch this, because we visited this orphanage the night before the earthquake. I spoke with all three of the women interviewed here. I can tell you that they were very different that night than they are in these interviews. I think anyone in Port-Au-Prince right now has to be struggling with some post-traumatic stress. If you watch all the way through (which you should), there is a poignant segment where one of the American missionaries discloses how desperate she is to go home and see her family, and yet how convicted she feels to stay and care for these children. There is also a rather funny moment when Barbara announces that one of the children has been given a visa to go to the US, and one of the nannies pretends to dramatically cry that it isn’t her turn to go.

Barbara Walker is a person of legend in Haiti. She has lived there for 20 years. I’ve met her a few times and she is tough as nails. She wears a blue housedress every single day, and rumor has it she carries a pistol in her bra. She cares very deeply about the children of Haiti, and I think it’s inspiring to see the way her orphanage is now caring for her surrounding community. At the same time, my heart continues to break for the hardships the Haitain people continue to endure.