Okay, I apologize for yesterday’s rant, and for the long list of citations. I guess I’m giving you fair warning. If you make me mad, I WILL come at you with academic literature. Watch your back or I will pop some research on your @$$!

I was thinking perhaps I should post something light and fluffy today. I’ve got nothing. I am tired and lost in a groundhog’s day of laundry and swiffering. So I will point you to some things that make me smile:

Dooce is always hilarious. But her post about a fight with her husband made me laugh – and also made me feel a little less alone in my marital dynamics. I actually made my husband read it. And he never reads blogs. Not even mine.

If you are a fan of Maya Angelou, you need to check out FakeMayaAngelou on Twitter. Actually, maybe you shouldn’t check it out if you adore Maya Angelou. It’s a bit heretical. But dang, it’s funny.

If you haven’t before, you need need need to read the comments on the following products for sale at Amazon:

Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt
Bic Ballpoint Pen

The website Unhappy Hipsters has me cracking up. But in a morose, emo kind of way.

Amalah‘s presentation of the book 1962 book When You Marry is both hilarious and slightly terrifying. But her commentary is the best part. And speaking of Amalah and how funny she is, her Project Runway recap on Mamapop . . . pretty sweet too.