We are on pins and needles here. Someone is at the embassy right now. Humanitarian Parole is looking like a very good possibility from the accounts I’m reading of other parents. To be honest, I am really praying that we will be far enough along in the process that they will give him an Immigration Visa. This would make him a citizen when he steps on US soil, and would save us the stress of trying to continue the adoption from here.

But we would be perfectly happy for Humanitarian Parole. Or whatever brings him home.

We are scrambling with the possibility that he could really come home this week. We don’t have the room set up. We don’t have a car that holds four kids. We don’t have so many things we need. I avoided setting everything totally up, because it seemed depressing to have a room set up for a child that didn’t live here. I was trying so hard to banish daily reminders of our missing son. Now, I am wondering why I didn’t do at least a little prep work! We are planning trips to IKEA and Target for the myriad of items we need. And the car thing . . . oi vey. No clue.

I am also talking to the kids about him coming home. We gave a big explanaition about the language issues, and how the kids will need to be helpful. Jafta got really excited and exclaimed, “SIGN LANGUAGE! We can talk in Sign Language!” He’s been walking around all morning making weird and spastic gestures that no one can decipher. India’s idea was to put on a ballerina skirt. So helpful, these two are gonna be.

And we wait.