I am giddy. Keanan is on his way. He is flying on a C-17 from Port-Au-Prince to Orlando. Mark flew to Orlando this morning on faith, and we are so glad he is there to meet him.

So many feelings tonight. I am so excited, and yet my heart is heavy for my little boy, who will be leaving his dear caretakers and friends who have been his family for his whole life. I sit here in anticipation, but also wondering what this experience is like for him.

I desperately wish I could be there. Mark is with my mom and my sister, who live in Orlando. How amazing for them to be a part of this. I am thrilled for the other families we have walked this journey with, too.

If you can, say a prayer tonight for the seven children from Heartline who did not get their papers today and had to be left behind. They need to come home soon.