I was cleaning out the garage the other day, and I found a roll of film. Remember rolls of film? Before digital, when we used to have to take those 35mm cartridges in to Rite Aid (before they became CVS) to have them developed? Yep, that will be a story for the grandkids someday. Anyway, I really haven’t used a 35mm camera in several years, so I was very curious to find out what was on the roll. I took it to Target, and when I picked it up, I found about a year’s worth of photos. My guess is that during the span of 2004-2006, I ran out of battery on my digital camera a few times and pulled out my ancient Olympus to shoot these pictures. Here are two of my favorites:

This shot is at Jafta’s 2nd birthday party. I had just had India, and we had a party in the backyard with friends and family. Notice the length of my hair. Oh, wait, were you too busy noticing the length of my husband’s hair? I’d like to say that we were both trying to rock a look, but in truth I think we were just too busy for haircuts in those days.

This picture is from a full year later. We took it on Christmas Eve, at breakfast with some friends.

Having just celebrated Christmas and Jafta’s birthday, it was fun to get this surprise blast from the past. Here is our picture in the same spot, taken last year:

And then this year:

If there is one thing that is constant, it is that Jafta has not stood still and smiled for a picture since his 2nd birthday.