We have made some incredible friends in this adoption journey. Many of them I got to meet for the first time just over a week ago during our race for Heartline. That feels like a lifetime ago. I left feeling so bonded with these women, especially after battling the elements of that bitterly cold Sunday morning. Little did I know our lives would change in two days, and how that bond would be cemented as we wait and watch and worry about our little ones in Haiti.

Today there has been so much news, and yet so little clarity as to what it means for me. I am hopeful, but terrified. My friend Jamie‘s husband is an amazing musician . . . they are also waiting for their son in Haiti. He wrote a song about the wait, and it is a song that so clearly expresses most of the feeling I have myself. This song was on my playlist as I trained for our big run. Some days, I listened to it and it made me run faster, because it fueled my anger. Other days, I could only get a few bars in, and had to skip to the next song. Because running while sobbing is not best practice.

Today I saw the video for the song for the first time, and as we wait with the possibility of a homecoming, I felt my heart could burst.

Please pray for him coming home. Please pray for all of them to come home. Amos, Frankie, Gino, Sammy, Angelo, Ronel, Naomi, Geoff, Sebastien, Steven, Annie, Phoebe, Danae, Isabelle, and so many others who are waiting.