I’m spending a few days in Haiti after our big race in Orlando this weekend, so I wanted to brush up on some Creole phrases. I just did an online search and came across a website with a link to “Common Creole Phrases“. I guess someone has determined these to be amongst the most likely sentences one would need to navigate their way in Haiti? After a couple salutations, key words, and the days of the week, we find the following phrases:

Mwen pa two byen – I’m not too well
Mwen malad – I’m sick
Te gen yon aksidan – There was an accident
Nou bezwen yon dokte/yon mis touswit – We need a doctor/a nurse right now
Kote Iopital Ia? – Where is the hospital?
Kote Ii ou fe mal? – Where does it hurt you?
Li ansent – She’s pregnant
Mwen pa ka manje/domi – I cannot eat/sleep
Mwengendjare – I have diarrhea
Mwen anvi vonmi – I feel nauseated
Tout ko mwen cho – My whole body is hot
Mwen toudi – I’m dizzy
Nou bezwen pansman/koton – We need bandages/cotton
Mwen bezwen yon bagay pi blese sa a – I need something for this cut
Ou gen SIDA – You have AIDS
Mwen grangou – I’m hungry
Mwen swaf anpil – I’m very thirsty
Nou ta vle manje – We would like to eat

Oh, this makes me laugh and makes me sad at the same time. My favorites are “My whole body is hot” and “I have diarrhea”. I am committing those to memory and anticipate using them both.

(My least favorite is “You have AIDS”.)

Oh, Haiti.