When I was in grade school, I was placed in a gifted program. That experience (and the other students in that program) taught me two things about intelligence:

1. IQ can’t buy you social skills
2. IQ can’t buy you common sense

(It also taught me a lot about Dungeons and Dragons, but that’s a story for another time).

I had what I called a “gifted moment” this week. I was getting a little crazy with the label maker, as I’m prone to do. (When life feels a little overwhelming, it’s amazing the peace a clearly labeled pantry can bring). A friend of mine lost his iphone this week, and had someone return it, and I got the bright idea that I should make labels with my phone number for all of my gadgets. So I printed up a few labels and stuck them on my camera, my ipod, and my cell phone.

And I walked around with those labels for about a week, feeling pretty proud of myself, until today it dawned on my that I placed the number for my OWN CELL PHONE on my cell phone. So someone could call me in case I lost it.

Brilliant, don’t you think?