1. I went to see the vampire movie while I was in Florida

2. I went with my mom and tween cousin, who changed their mind at the ticket booth and opted for a more age-appropriate action flick. I went to the vampire movie without them.

3. During the previews, I noticed that all of the movies were definitely targeting teenage girls. With the exception of an upcoming flick about a middle-aged woman finding love again. I thought about who that target demographic was for. And then I wondered which one I fit into. And then I felt a little sad.
4. I’m pretty sure that I wore my hair EXACTLY like Jacob’s in my senior class photo, and was distracted by this fact for a good portion of the movie.5. I think I’m on Team Jacob, because pastey, brooding vampire boys wearing lipstick and glitter paint? Meh.6. I made a mental note during the movie to download the soundtrack immediately because OMG BON IVER AND MUSE, YA’LL.7. I thought the movie was pretty dull. Bad acting, no plot, poorly drawn characters, and don’t get me started on the hair and makeup. I should have hated it. I did not.8. I cannot freaking wait for Breaking Dawn.