We’ve had a great week of merriment here at the Howerton house, and today we celebrated Jafta’s 5th birthday. More details on that to come, including an explaination as to why I ended up wearing a “wench skirt” home from the show. But for now, a little fun with flasks.


Deciding to take a flask to Medieval Times to avoid paying $8 for rum & coke: -2 points

Having your husband tell you this is totally inappropriate, and then doing it anyway: -2 points

Event you are taking said flask to is a birthday party for a child: -10 points

Event you are taking said flask to is at 3:30 pm: -20 points

Flask is from Pottery Barn: +6 points

No funnel for the flask: -2 points

Using a Target medicine dropper as funnel: -2 points

Rum was purchased in the airport in Haiti: -4 points

Previously incredulous husband is the only one to actually use the flask: +10 points

Blogging about taking a flask to Medieval Times: -2 points

Being too tired to do the above math or establish credible baseline number to appropriately gauge how classy you are, since you already know the answer is NOT AT ALL CLASSY: -2 points

Conclusion: The $8 margarita was good.