. . . our little wrestler.

Karis got her helmet today. Clearly, she’s distraught about it. Just look at how much it’s bothering her. Poor, poor Karis!

(Okay, she doesn’t seem to notice at all. But I do have to poke fun at some of the literature we were sent home with, including a pamphlet on how do deal with the difficult stigma of a child wearing a helmet. The whole thing sounded like it was written in the Dark Ages. One mom recounted the story of how her baby was “shunned” at Target. Her solution was to “place eye-pleasing Winner the Poo stickers on the helmet to put other people at ease when they looked at the alarming medical device”. So I guess I better get some stickers on there, quick, before she is SHUNNED.*)

*Hmmm. I wonder if this sticker theory applies to other uses. Maybe I could slap some Winner the Poo stickers on my post-partum tummy and rock a crop top?