Last night, the kids seemed to be feeling a bit better, so we decided to take a family walk. I’ve been trying to run in the evenings, and Jafta always wants to come with me, so he ran alongside me while Mark pushed the girls in the jogger. It was actually really fun to have Jafta running with me. He kept up for about a mile and a half – running the whole way. He had his headphones in, which means that any time he talks he speaks at FULL VOLUME, assuming that we can hear the music, too. He was also singing along quite a bit, which was pretty cute.

The route I usually take circles back by our house about halfway, and India was starting to cry and Jafta was wheezing, so Mark decided he would head back with the kids and let me finish my run alone. This is the point where my kids decided to stage a full-out Lifetime movie scene a couple steps from my house. I gave the kids a peppy little goodbye, and as I’m leaving , I hear all three of them screaming at the top of their lungs.

India: No, Mommy! Come back! Don’t leave us! Come back!
Jafta: Mommy!!! Take me with you! I want to come with you! Take me! Don’t leave me!

It was very dramatic, and anyone listening might have thought I was leaving my family for good, as opposed to continuing on for another mile, making me (gasp) about ten minutes late to start their baths. Oh, the horror.

After the kids recovered from my act of abandonment, we got to sleep and sat down for a little evening programming. While we were watching tv, we heard Karis crying a little, but we’ve been trying to let her soothe herself a little more, so we didn’t go in there. A few hours later, as I was going to bed, I peeked in on Karis and she was asleep, covered in drama. It was matted in her hair and all over her crib and her pj’s. Which pretty much made me feel like the Worst Mother Ever, since I was sitting in the living room watching Glee, smugly thinking how much she needs to learn to fall back to sleep on her own, while she is covered in puke. So I gave her a bath, and apologized profusely. (She accepted, begrudgingly).

It was a long night, because a) I felt guilty and was now standing at-the-ready in case she puked again, and b) I was feeling like I could have some drama of my own. The morning came, and both Karis and I seemed to be in the thick of a nasty flu, and Jafta and India were still on the grumpy side of healthy.

Sp for good measure, as Mark left for work, I gave the neighbors a repeat performance.

No!!!! Mark, don’t leave us! Don’t leave here alone. Stay! Come back ! We need you. COME BACK!!!!

And scene.