We are back from Seattle . . . the entire week before we left Jafta talked about how we were going to “See Attle”. I guess you could say we did.

We had a great trip. Still unpacking, both literally and figuratively. There is nothing like travel and a little time with nature to make you start rethinking everything you know. One thing I do know for sure: we miss our family in the northwest.

Karis’s first plane ride

I think this photo accurately captures the essence of my little boy and his awesome imagination

Picking blueberries
A beet!

Jafta imitates the bear from Blueberries for Sal
And yes, changed the blog name to Rage Against the Minivan. I’m not going all incognito, but I did want to take my last name out of the title. I’ll go into detail on the meaning later, but besides the obvious (circle-slash minivans), it’s also a nod to the identity crisis of motherhood, and all that the minivan implies, and the inevitability of loss of self, blah blah blah. Will wax philosophical on that shortly, but for now I will post photos from our trip.