This morning, we said our goodbyes to my sister and her sweet family. I sent Mark to the airport to drop them off, and then to pick up my other sister’s kids. My younger sister’s two boys, who I still think of as looking like this:

Mark returned from the airport with two grown-ass men. I don’t know how or when this happened, but these boys are HUGE. Derek rolled in wearing his do-rag, and since Karis is still dealing with cradle cap, they had a matching look:

Then Austin put his on, which made Jafta sad, so he stole one from Karis. He also asked to change into this outfit before the boys came, because “they are big and play basketball and I want to be matching with them”. He looks up to them so much. Which is fine by me . . . I can’t think of two better boys for him to emulate.
And then Mark felt left out, and, um . . . yeah.