We are hanging in Seattle for a few days. As we venture away from our below Orange County, a few highlights:

  • I had a garage sale this weekend. The tacky MILF maternity top that was sent to me for review? It was the FIRST THING THAT SOLD.
  • I picked up a copy of a magazine called OC Health, thinking that it might have some info about 5k races in the area. Instead, it was a booklet full of ads for local plastic surgeons, weight loss clinics, and day spas.
  • At the tanning salon next to Pick Up Stix, there is a sign posted on the door reminding people that children and babies are not allowed in the tanning beds.
  • And at IKEA, I got to eat dinner while looking at this lovely sight:

Look closer . . . . closer . . . yep. there it is.

Oh, Orange County, with your moderate climate and beautiful beaches. How I hate to love you.