My kids just completed their second week at their new preschool. So far, both Mark and I have been really impressed with the program, and Jafta and India seem to be having fun, too. I think Jafta is slowly realizing he doesn’t need to follow India around on the playground to protect her from things like pretend guns (which he is doing in the photo). And India has managed to wait to poop her pants until after she gets home.

Um, yeah. The potty training. Not going so well. Every day when I pick her up, my heart is racing as I enter the classroom and I hope beyond hope we’ve made another day without the teachers discovering my charade of potty-training completion, which I BOLD-FACE LIED about on the application. She manages to stay clean at school, and that is all I care about for now. Those three hours on M/W/F mornings are more precious to me than I can say.
The school they attend has a full-day and a half-day option. Based on the emptiness of the parking lot at 12:15 and the number of kids still there at pickup, I think my kids are the only ones who don’t stay all day. Every time I pick them up the teachers are laying out mats for the afternoon naptime, and my kids both have their own unique reactions to leaving before the rest of their classmates.

India throws a complete tantrum when I pick her up. She begs and begs and begs to “stay at my class forever“. Forever, in her mind, meaning longer than right now. Jafta, on the other hand, seems to be completely panicked that someday he should have to take a corporate nap on the floor of his classroom. Every day he asks me if he will ever have to take a nap at his school, and every day I assure him that mommy does not want to pay an extra $35 afternoon care fee to have that happen.