Sometimes motherhood throws me into situations where there is no clear-cut answer, and where I am left choosing between the lesser of two evils. I ran into one of those situations today, and I’m curious to know what other moms would have done. So, WWYD?

Here’s the scenario: You need to run into a major grocery store chain for milk, and you have three kids in tow (one of them a newborn in an infant seat). You spot the fancy carts that will hold three children at the front entrance of the store. You park as close as you can to those carts, which are across the street from where you are parked. You must now strategize the safest way to get all three kids into said cart. Do you:

1. Leave the kids in the car for a moment (still in your line of sight) while you walk over and get a cart to bring back to the car so that the kids can cross the street strapped and contained in a seat.

2. Do your best to wrangle two small kids across a parking lot and street while holding an infant carseat carrier that leaves you with one free hand, because leaving children in the car, no matter how brief, is not okay.
So. What would you do? Risk crossing the street with two kids who like to dart in traffic and one free hand, or risk leaving them in the car while you cross the street? I’m curious to hear what you would do. Tomorrow I’ll post about what I chose to do, and what drama ensued from that decision . . .