There are so many aspects of parenting that are just unexplainable. One of them is how you can love each child just as much as any other, and how every milestone with each kid feels a major accomplishment. There are so many things that Karis does right now that leave me exclaiming, “Mark, this is amazing! Are you seeing this?? Can you believe she is cooing/smiling/recognizing my voice/kicking her feet/etc? This is the most incredible baby ever!” Even though I said the same thing with both Jafta and India. And even though everything she is doing is similiar to what any other baby at her age would be doing.

So even though Karis is number three, I am still that goofy mom who feels like that first smile is a miracle, and who will sit there for thirty minutes and take 21 pictures until I capture a shot of that flashing grin.