Oh boy. I just found this in my “drafts” section. These were the goals I wanted to accomplish before baby Karis made her arrival. I ended up never even completing this post, much less the things on the list. In fact, of this list, I have accomplished ONE thing. I know where the kids are attending preschool. Everything else has taken a back burner to my pregnant napping schedule. Do you thing I will be able to finish the whole list in the next two weeks?

This would be the New Year’s Resolution post. Except that, come spring, I will have three kids under four, and I am hoping soon after that another one will be added to the mix. Since I assume that life as I know it will be over once that happens, I am trying to make realistic goals that I can achieve BEFORE APRIL. Before I am completely outnumbered and overwhelmed. As opposed to right now. Mwaaahahahaha.

In all seriousness, there are some things I would really, really like to accomplish before life turns totally crazy. I know that I may not seem like the most private person, given some of the things I talk about on my blog. But for some reason, personal goals are really hard for me to share with others. I think a part of it is pride, and a part of it is a fear of failure. I have this weird allegiance to follow through on anything I have spoken out loud, even if it becomes something I don’t even want to do anymore. It’s one of my unspoken rules from my own family of origin. If you have an idea, and then share it, you have do actually do it. Which has made for some fun times being married to Mark, who is a dreamer and loves to process and postulate and talk off the cuff about plans he never intends to pursue. A great combo for a implementation-oriented control freak. But I digress . . .

1. Get my piano tuned and actually play it. I’m not sure which is more of a waste: my years and years of piano training, or the huge piano sitting in the corner that is never played because it is so completely dissonant that it will make even the most tone-deaf person cringe.

2. Get licensed to do homestudies. I have a dream to be able to provide affordable homestudies for families who are wanting to adopt.

3. Get organized and find a place for everything in my house.

4. Enclose the side yard so our backyard is bigger, so kids can play more freely once baby comes.

5. Do an adoption fundraiser.

6. Figure out preschool.