Thanks to the modern technology of the satellite phone, I’ve actually been able to talk to Mark every night they’ve been in Haiti. That has been SO nice. We are also always trying to chat on facebook, but somehow I missed him every time he’s on. Yesterday afternoon I was in a benadryl-fueled nap and woke to several messages from friends telling me to get online. I had just missed him. Mark is wondering how I am on facebook all day when he is home, and yet he can’t reach me when I am in Haiti. I am using this as proof that I am not online ALL THE TIME. I take breaks to eat and sleep, thank you very much.

Mark let me know last night that Jafta is running a fever and needing breathing treatments throughout the day. He sounds pretty sick. He is lethargic and grumpy, and refused to eat anything last night. If there are two things that describe Jafta’s baseline, it is active and hungry. So I think Mark was worried. I think he caught something before he left for Haiti and it’s just now showing up in full force, because he had a rough night before they left. But I know it’s hard for Mark to be seeing him sick, and Keanan recovering at the same time.

Mark said Keanan smiled so big when he first saw them. He is immobilized with the cast and very subdued (also not like him). But he’s been really, really snuggly with Mark, and laughs and smiles at Jafta. I know if they were feeling better these two would be wrestling and running all over the place. For now, Mark is in the role of comfortor with both of them, and I am wishing even more I could be there. I am stoked he is staying with a missionary family that is taking great care of them, and of Keanan. He is still on a lot of medication and, like most kids, not really thrilled when it comes time to take it. They are making sure he gets everything prescribed. Yesterday all the nannies from the boy’s home came to visit Keanan at the home where Mark is staying, because they haven’t seen him in almost two weeks since he was hospitalized. Mark said he recognized every nanny, and that they all seemed very bonded to him. Every time we visit, we are reassured of how much he is loved.