Mark and Jafta leave for Haiti in one week. As usual, we are going to try to take lots of donations in with us, because it’s the best way to get the missionaries new supplies. We have two big suitcases we need to fill! I know this is last minute, but if you are local and want to help, I will be collecting these donations all weekend. Our garage will be a collection center on Saturday and Sunday if you want to swing by. Some of this stuff you may have used, and other items can be purchased for $5-10 at Target or a grocery store. If you are running errands and want to pick up a few items, I know they would appreciate it so much. If you want to leave a donation, go here.

Things you might have at your house:
Used plastic bags (they recycle these into purses!)
Old blue jeans (for purses)
Summer maternity clothes
Newborn clothes
Used children’s books (esp Dr. Suess or picture books)
Used novels for the American missionaries to read (no cable in Haiti)
light weight quilting fabric
glue sticks
plastic bibs with the pockets in the front
cloth diapers
Chocolate and other treats!

Things you could pick up at Target:
antibiotic creams (like Neosporin)
anti fungal creams (like athlete’s foot cream)
baby wipes
peanut butter
foldable tricycles
tuna fish
cold cereal (they really like honey nut cheerios)
large duplo blocks
selsen blue dandruff shampoo for ring worm
small hand sanitizers
Deep Woods Off bug spray
white towels/ face cloths