Mark and Jafta got into LAX late last night. They had such a good trip. Keanan got out of the hospital on the very day they arrived. His foot is doing much better. Mark got to go on a doctor’s appointment with him. The surgeon seemed very competent, and it looks like the infection is going away. His wound still needs to close up and heal a little more, and he is still not able to walk on it. But hopefully in a few weeks he will be back to his active little self!
Keanan was a little subdued on this trip, which is to be expected. He’s been through a lot this past month. He was really happy to see Mark and Jafta, but preferred to interact with them while in the hands of his nanny. He is very bonded to the nannies, which is so good to see. He was really playful with Mark, and Jafta is just smitten with him.

We got more news on the adoption process. We are still in parquet (the second stage) – which we thought we had cleared. We were bummed to hear that but we should be getting out very soon. When we clear that, his adoption will be final in Haiti, but not in the US. Lots of hoops still to go, but we have cleared the big ones related to our family size. The good news is that the council for the death decree has been completed, so hopefully that won’t be hanging us up in MOI. It will still be several months before he comes home.

On their last day there, I got to SKYPE with all of them! It was so cool to see him in person. He was kind of shy about it, but he was holding a photobook of our family. While I was talking, he starting kissing the photos of us. I WAS DYING!! He is so cute, and my heart hurts to get him home.

A note to other adoptive parents:
I know there are some other parents adopting from Heartline who read my blog. I just want to let everyone know that all the kids are doing great. They are happy and healthy, and we continue to be impressed by the care they get. Mark thought he recognized every single nanny from our trip a year ago – so they are getting consistent bonding with the same amazing ladies. The nannies are interactive and very loving to all the kids. Shelly Tlucek is doing such a great job overseeing everything. She has put the kids on a daily rotation, kind of like a developmental preschool. They do different activities like a playdough station, a book station, a blocks/puzzles station, etc. It is obvious that a lot of thought has gone into making this a stimulating environment for their little minds. We took down two more trikes, and some duplo blocks and new books. The kids still love the trampoline best!

Mark also took balloons and made balloon animals for all the kids. Those were a big hit.

When Keanan came back to the boys’ home after his two-week hospital adventure, all of the boys greeted him like a long lost brother. So did the nannies. It really is such a family environment there, and each and every child is thriving. I ordered my husband to get a photo of every child – I have uploaded them at the Heartline Kid’s shutterfly page.

((((((*5 points if you recognize where that song is from . . . )))))