Okay, this is a meaningless post where I am gonna comment about some of the stuff I’m watching on tv. Because I am in my third trimester. And anemic and weak and feeling really crappy. AND I’M WATCHING A LOT OF TV.

The Bachelor – thank goodness 34-year-old pageant girl Stephanie is gone. When she broke into “opera voice” last week I almost threw up in my mouth. I’m all for opera voice if you are joking around. I don’t think she was joking. Her clothes make me think she believes she is 12 years old. I’m still not sure I believe she is only 34. And a sleeveless fur jacket? Is there ever a good reason for a sleeveless fur over a t-shirt? So your core is warm and toasty but your arms are freezing? Don’t even get me started on the giant costume jewelry, the eyebrows, and the way her giant forehead doesn’t move.

Rob Blagojevich – Someone put a muzzle on him already. Why is everyone interviewing him? I watched Letterman last night and he let crazy hair guy prattle on for 40 minutes, and then gave Richard Jenkins, one of the most talented actors ever, a measly 6 minutes at the end of the show. I’m sick of Rob and his cavalier denial of responsibility. Why is the media rewarding bad behavior?

Christian Bale – Hey angry guy, find yourself a therapist. Anger management is a good thing.

The Octuplets – So now the mom has a publicist, who is shopping her story around. I’m hesitant to say too much because I think there is even more crazy yet to be revealed. It’s a train wreck and I can’t wait to see more. Although, even though this mom sounds off her rocker, I am surprised at how many people are outraged that she didn’t “selectively reduce” her babies. Um, doesn’t pro-choice go both ways???

Ted Haggard – The Oprah interview was fascinating. Almost more fascinating than what Ted had to say was Oprah’s reaction to it. Just last year, she had a psychologist on the show, who was explaining that sexual orientation is a spectrum. And yet Oprah seems hell-bent on making Ted Haggard pick a side, and it better be the gay one. I noticed this in other interviews he gave, too. It strikes me curious that people who profess being gay-friendly are so overtly uncomfortable with someone who may be bisexual, or heterosexual with homosexual temptations, or otherwise not fitting into a perfect little category sexually. Oprah basically accuses Ted of denying his identity for not “going gay”. Since when is our identity based on sexual behavior? Ted admits to being confused, and was open about being molested by a male at a young age. Of all people, I would think Oprah would be more empathetic to the ambivalence this could lead to. Not to mention, if deciding to deny certain sexual impulses means a denial of our identity, then we are all in trouble. Cause at the end of the day, most people have sexual impulses that are confusing to them, in some way or another. If Ted Haggard wants to continue in his marriage, why is everyone giving him a hard time about it?

LOST – I need to break up with this show. It’s just making me more and more annoyed. Sometimes I think the writers are just sitting around smoking pot and laughing about how they have no clue where this is going. It sucks me in with the mystery and then reveals absolutely nothing. The plotlines are preposterous, and I can’t even follow it anymore. “THREE MONTHS EARLIER” . . . three months earlier from which part of this non-linear episode? What time is it? Where are we? LOST, you LOST me at time travel.

A Very Duggar Wedding– Why am I so fascinated with this family? Their clothes and hair are bizarre, their emphasis on procreation confounds me, they use the phrase “transfer of authority” to describe a girl getting married, and they seem to be living in a weird alternate-universe bubble. And yet . . . I love them and their simple ways. Being from Orange County, these people are complete enigmas to me. I might as well be watching an athropological documentary on the indigenous people of the amazon. You don’t see people like the Duggars in these here parts. I want to sit at her feet to figure out how she got her kids to be such courteous, respective, conservative, and helpful little citizens. Although, I probably wouldn’t like the answer.

Dick Cheney – Shut up. Shut. Up. Fear-mongering is SO Dobson 2008.

Barack Obama – I was cringing all week at the Tom Daschle thing. It seemed like a major misstep to me, and left me scratching my head at what Obama was thinking. Until I see him interviewed by Anderson Cooper, where he admits that it was a mistake. Our President, admitting on national television, “I screwed up“. What a refreshing change of pace from the prideful, “we’re always right” mantra of the last administration. One thing is for sure – in life, there will always be mistakes. Being willing to admit that, even in a position of leadership, is a beautiful thing.