It’s been fun to watch Jafta emerge into a little man this year. He has truly matured so much, and I love this transition from 3 to 4. I have to admit, I am not one of those moms that relishes the toddler years. I am enjoying this stage where he is developing into a cool little person.

Jafta’s birthday was last month, and he received a Target giftcard. He called it his “credit card”. (Hmmm, no clue where he learned that concept . . .) He was so excited to go to the store and pay with his own card. I told him he could choose anything in the store: a toy, some superman clothes, whatever. He got in his mind that he wanted to buy a robe. Mark and I wear robes every night, and he wanted one, too. I thought it was so cute that he ignored a store full of toys to get a robe. He tried several on, and was very thoughtful about his decision. He was so proud to tell the checker that he would be paying for it himself.What a little man. He’s been very serious about wearing it every night, too.
In early January, the tour of STOMP was at our local performing arts center. Jafta has a video of this show and really loves it. (What four-year-old boy doesn’t love drums?) We thought he was old enough to see his first real show, so we had a big talk about expectations, keeping quiet, etc. The night of the show, Jafta and daddy went an hour early and got rush tickets in the orchestra. He was pretty quiet, but took it upon himself to loudly shush anyone who made the slightest noise. Jafta loved the show – for about 45 minutes. Since the show started at his bedtime, he was a bit tired, and for the last half of the show he took a very expensive nap despite a room full of percussionists banging away.
I LOVE THIS KID! He is loyal, kind, and just plain enthusiastic about life. He reminds me daily to stop taking things so seriously and just have fun.