In the last 72 hours, I have:

  • unpacked our family from our trip
  • finished sending off (late) Christmas cards
  • cleaned the house from top to bottom
  • threw a birthday party for Jafta with 16 of his friends
  • photographed, catalogued, and listed 20 purses from Haiti
  • opened an Etsy shop (more on that, soon)
  • frantically tried to finish a book for book club
  • halfway through, realized I was reading the was reading the wrong book, and frantically read half of the correct book for book club
  • written a cirriculum
  • led an intensive called Motherhood Inspired, despite feeling completely uninspired
  • baked 24 cupcakes for Jafta’s school birthday celebration
  • participated in a lively discussion about our book club pick

This has been one of those crazy, way-too-many-things-going-on weekends. I can’t remember being this tired, and I’ve barely had time to sit down since we got back from Florida.

I am done. I am so done.