Jafta’s 4th birthday was yesterday. It was a full day. In the morning, Jafta decided to try riding a bike without training wheels. As you can see from the video, he wasted no time! I kid you not, he was speeding down the street on his first try. What Jafta lacks in fine motor skills, he makes up for in the gross motor department. In the video, you can hear him yelling LOOK AT ME!! He was pretty proud of himself.

We spent the morning at a warehouse full of bouncehouses, and the kids jumped until they were beyond exhausted. In the evening, we braved Chuck E. Cheese. The only Chuck E. Cheese nearby is the one down the street from Disney. Two days after Christmas. On a Saturday night. The place was packed with loud, sweaty, grumpy people and I wanted to leave as soon as we drove up. Despite me being in a version of my own personal hell, Jafta had a blast. It’s so hard to believe he is FOUR!! We spent his first birthday at the same place, and it really does feel like it was just yesterday.