• Getting to see In The Heights, and acting like a crazed fan meeting the writer/star after the show
  • Walking around the shops in Soho
  • Eating gelato every day
  • Seeing our favorite waiter at Pelligrino’s in Little Italy
  • Remeniscing about past trips with Halli’s, Monroes, Blakeys, Sharmans, Chad, Heather, and Isaac. Wish you were with us!
  • Seeing the fall leaves
  • Meeting new friends (JJ and Rachel, let’s hang soon)
  • Getting a break from the kids
  • Reading a book and taking naps, both in one day
  • Alone time with my husband
  • Being in New York!

  • Walking through Chinatown and the mystery meat and fish displays while pregnant and queasy
  • Riding the subway while pregnant and queasy
  • Being pissed that I’m in the 2nd trimester and still queasy!!

I could barely keep from gagging just to take this picture. YUCK!