It’s election night. Facebook is abuzz with people leaving their commentary on Obama’s win, and here are some quotes from friends who were obviously looking for a different outcome:

“I am moving out of the country”
“I am about to drive off a cliff”
“Come quickly, Lord Jesus”
“I feel like the floodgates of war have just been unlocked”
“I am buying a gun tomorrow”
“I hope American doesn’t implode”
“I am fearful of things to come”

Oh boy.

Sorry to call you out, my dear Facebook friends. I’m sure you didn’t want me quoting you on my blog. But when you post this “the sky is falling” drama, it’s like you are just begging me to comment on it.

I am annoyed by these comments not because I am a Democrat. (’cause I’m not). I am annoyed by these comments as a Christian and as an American. I realize that some people are disappointed, and that may prone them towards a little dramatic license right now. But this is ridiculous.

First of all, as a Christian, I know that God is in control. I know that the president will not change my faith or how I practice it. The government will not dictate what values I give my children, who I call my friends, or where I go to church. And (gasp), from what I’ve heard, Obama does not have an agenda to drive the church underground, persecute Christians, throw us into war or usher in the end days. Sure, it might suck if our taxes go up, or if Roe vs. Wade doesn’t get overturned anytime soon, or if there is a new supreme court justice who doesn’t think just like us. But is that a reason to live in fear? Sorry to rain on the alarmist parade, but this stuff didn’t radically change with our previous presidents, either.

But more than that . . . People. Get some perspective!!! Are you really scared about the future of the United States because our president just changed? If so, I encourage you to get off your spoiled American hiney and go visit Haiti. Or Burma. Or Taiwan or the Congo. Talk to someone who lives in a country ruled by Robert Mgabe. And then come back and tell us all how freakin’ good we have it here, and what an oppressive and corrupt government really feels like. We have had liberal and conservative presidents in the past 30 years. We have had democrats and republicans. Do you really think that our country, and the way we live our daily lives, changes that much with a change in the presidency? Do you really the the government is in charge of our moral fiber? I mean, seriously, look at the history books. I sure as heck didn’t want Clinton to be president. But do I look back on those years of my life with fear and trembling, remembering the horrors of life in the US and how I wanted to flee the country? No. I have full confidence that our country is and will continue to be the greatest place to live.

America is awesome. God is good. I thank God I live in this country, and I refuse to live in fear. Stop shaking in your boots and say a little prayer for the new leader. I think we’re all gonna be okay.